Professional Asphalt Sealcoating in North and South Carolina

Restore your business's parking lot or driveway with a commercial asphalt sealcoating service from Bryer & Son Asphalt Paving Co. A freshly applied layer of asphalt sealcoating will both extend the life of your pavement and improve the look of your property. Sealcoating creates a layer of protection between the asphalt base and water and other fluids, covering old stains and shedding water. Parking lot sealcoating is also inexpensive and will save you money on repairs by preventing them in the first place. We recommend commercial asphalt sealcoating every two to three years for the best results. 

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Get the Look of Fresh Pavement Without the Price Tag

In addition to extending the life of your pavement, commercial asphalt sealcoating restores the fresh, dark look your parking lot or driveway had when it was freshly installed. Sealcoating protects against UV rays and fading as the asphalt ages, so you’ll be able to enjoy the fresh look for several years to come. Because of its dark color, asphalt sealcoating also speeds up the snow and ice melting process, saving you time during the winter months and reducing the chances of someone slipping and injuring themselves. 

Don’t put off sealcoating your asphalt! Our team at Bryer & Son Asphalt Paving Co. is standing by and ready to treat your business's parking lot or driveway. 

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Protect your parking lot from water and ice damage with a protective sealcoating layer. Freshly applied asphalt sealcoating will prevent water from penetrating the surface of the asphalt, and your pavement will last longer as a result. 

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Avoid spending large amounts of money on new pavement for your driveway or parking lot by sealcoating it every two to three years. Regular commercial sealcoating for your parking lot will protect it from premature wear and save you money on repairs over time. 

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Reduce the number of times you need to shovel and salt during the winter with a new layer of asphalt sealcoating. The dark top layer will help absorb heat and melt snow and ice more quickly and make it easier to maintain in the winter. 

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